Create your own platform

Our technology helps you create consumer-facing platforms to place your content. No more being dependent on ever-changing algorithms. Release content directly to your audience.

Turn followers to paid subscribers

Use our monetization tools like Memberships to create meaningful monthly revenue. We have current IMX customers seeing one million dollars of revenue within weeks of signing up for the platform.

Perfect for all content creators

Post your videos, photos, articles, and podcast content to your own platform seamlessly. Sell your merchandise and even live stream directly to your audience.

core features.

our turnkey solutions include multiple consumer-facing products that are easily and readily deployable.

Email Management

Send newsletters and updates via email to your audience across all platforms.

Payment Management

Monitor your revenue coming in and track when your cash will hit your bank account.

Subscription Management

Track your customer lifecycle by managing subscriptions, issuing refunds and more.

Stream Live Video

High-quality live streaming and real-time audience engagement for your next big event.

White Labeled Solution

A solution branded for you to have your very own content subscription platform.

Content Management System

Upload content and track user metrics with our easy to use CMS.

your branded solution.

Reach your audience at every touchpoint.


mobile apps

OTT apps

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